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Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Hey guys welcome back to the fifth part of this month's free educational series

On how to start property investing For those of you who are new to my channel I’m James Bennett the property coach and it's my mission to bring you all up to scratch on all things property investing

In the previous blogs, we did a dive into the available methods of property investing to see what would suit you best

Hopefully by now you have a much clearer picture of what's out and what's going to be the best path for you to take

Like I said yesterday today we are going to look at what to do next and where to go from here that’s where a good solid plan comes in or you could call it a business plan 9 out of 10 successful people will have a good solid plan and stick to it

So how do we set a plan first of all we need to keep it simple as long as you keep it simple it will be easier to stick to so ask yourself 3 questions

  • Where are we now

  • Where do you want to get to, and

  • What actions are we going to take to get there to achieve this

Where are we now consists of

  • How much money have you got to invest

  • How much savings you can allocate to property investment for future investment

  • How much time can afford to invest each week or month

  • What skills and knowledge you can bring to your property business

The first thing you want to do is write down the answers for these questions and be honest with yourself leave your ego at the door then book yourself in to see a montage broker this way they will tell you realistically what your financial position is and how you could acquire finances to use for your property investing venture


Now you know really what you have to play with

We need to find out what you’re looking to achieve money wise best thing to do is to put this into a monthly figure do you want an extra £1000 per month or do you want an extra £5000 per month

Now you have set a figure we now need to work out how we get to this figure each property investing method will entail a slightly different way of getting there

Ie if we have one rent to rent HMO deal that's going to make us £750 per month per deal and each deal costs us 5k you can safely say that 2 rent to rent deals with an investment of 10k for the two is going to generate you a monthly income of £1500

Or if we were to use the traditional buy to let method

We will need to purchase 3 houses for 100k each with a deposit of £27.500 that includes a stamp and legal ect each property should make you approximately £500 per month in profit So we have an initial investment of £82.500 that's going to make us the same monthly profit of £1500

So, by now we should have assessed our finances and built a clear picture of where we want to go from here

Now, what actions am I going to take to get there to achieve my goals?


Having solid goals are essential but nothing is going to happen until you actually take the necessary steps to execute whatever strategy you’re going to pursue

So let's break it down into bite-size individual tasks it might seem like you have a mountain to climb and many hurdles to overcome but the way you overcome them without getting overwhelmed is to break it down and do one small step at a time you need to take action in consistently taking action every day and always pushing towards my goals no matter how small the task is at hand

So set your daily tasks the night before wake up and pick them off one by one without these goals you will go round in circles and go nowhere

Set your tasks out in order of priority and set a deadline date by the side of them

Use a week by week a4 book and consistently use it to check back on your progress

So if your goal is to get a single let property under your belt

Your tasks should look something like this

Visit mortgage broker

Locate properties within your target area

Book viewings on those properties

Attend viewings

Call agents put offers forward

Negotiate the deal

Instruct solicitors

And so on all these tasks however small, they may seem all contribute towards your end goal

The basic foundations of all property businesses are the same:






Refinancing or selling

So this concludes today's blog

Please go back over my past videos if you missed anything on our youtube channel

I will drop the links bellow

I would also love to hear what action you guys will be taken to make your property journey a reality

But remember always take action the clear route to achieving your goals

remember to jump on my youtube and catch up with anything you have missed and hit that like and subscribe button for all your daily hints and tips on all things property investing

I have been James Bennett thanks for reading have a great day

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