IS BRRR DEAD! or can we still locate suitable property's?

hey guys welcome back it's James Bennett here the property coach and today I'm going to be showing you how to locate the correct properties for the brrr method

hope you're all keeping well and I hope you had a chance to catch up on my last blog when I give you a brief introduction to the BRRR method today we are going to be dropping into a bit more depth on what we actually look for when we looking to undertake the BRRR strategy

first thing's first when we are looking for BRRR deals we can not simply go out looking for properties at a below market value and putting in cheeky offers this strategy is dead it used to work view lots of properties putting lots of offers and hope that one will stick

now times have moved on we need to be a lot more creative now the property market is at boiling point

And if you do manage to get an offer to stick at a low price below market value nine times out of ten the offer is simply not going to go through you're either going to get gazumped or the vendor will pull out of the offer just before completion trust me it's happened to me time and time again

not only does it waste time but