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So the dreaded agents you have stacked up some great deals gone over the numbers

Now you're attempting to contact the agents regarding taking over the management of a HMO using a company let agreement

Now the typical approach is to simply pick up the phone and ask if the landlord would be interested in a company let agreement on the property in question and yes this approach can certainly work if you have the correct scripts and confidence to do it

this is the most common approach

But it can also fall flat on its face before the landlord even knows you have called

Some agents just can not see the benefit to them or have a so-called imaginary policy that states they do not deal with the company lets

This is where going directly to the vendor pays off using the land registry and conducting a search on the property and getting in touch with the landlord direct

This is a great way to secure properties because it is so much easier to pitch your idea to the landlord directly than it is to do through agents

But is there another way!

This is where getting creative counts

We also have a number of other methods we use to secure deals

Most so-called property gurus won't mention it as they simply don't know

Another great method is to create personal relationships with those that can help you build your property empire if your going to be in this game for a long time spending time here will certainly pay dividend

But how do we start building a personal relationship with these people?

One way we use is when you are stacking deals you will start to notice that its only really a handful of agents in your target area that advertise the HMO properties you require

So get yourself a linked in account setup type the letting agent's details into the search click the link

Then there is a tab that is noted, people

Then you will see personal profiles of the people who work within the letting agents click on the one who deals with the property lettings

And simply send connect with them start a conversation with then

Ask how work is just general conversation

Let them know you're in the same industry and that you manage properties ect and are on the lookout for more in the area

Don't just go straight in for the kill during the first sentence slowly build a relationship up with that person

It certainly doesn't have a 100percent success rate but it's a great way to practice your people skills and to let the people in your industry know you're in the game and here to stay it's all about getting your name out there and letting people know what you do

I really hope this helps guys in your own personal journey into rent to rent

And remember this also works if your doing HMOS or serviced accommodation

Now if you have any more questions regarding getting into property investing please don't hesitate to get in contact

I would be more than happy to help

Have a great day, guys

Happy investing


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