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Hey guys hope you are all keeping well

now I know this year has been a mad one for many people

Myself included

Some people have been hit hard with this virus and others have made millions

I have been fortunate and had a great year I haven’t made millions but I have done ok

There has been a massive switch from people working for others to now setting up their own company

So today I’m writing this blog to help those that have set up their own companies or those that are in the process of doing so

Today’s topic is how to find the balance between working in your business and working on your Business

And how to identify between the two

because if you stick to just working in your Business it can seriously hinder your growth as I have experienced in the first 5 years of my journey

The problem you have is you set up a new company and all is great you start doing well-achieving sales but you end up being the person who does everything from marking the tea to doing accounts and everything in between

You then quickly lose sight of the actual bigger picture and future of the Business you end up being like a hamster stuck on a wheel and the longer you stay on the harder it is to get off don’t get me wrong you could be earning a great wage and doing well

But when you learn to delegate jobs and start working on the bigger picture and future of your company this is where the magic starts happening

So rather worrying about the simple day to day tasks of the Business you can delegate these and focus on the growth of the company and this is where it all changed for me

Suddenly the money I was making in 2 weeks I could make this in a day

I was thinking bigger and putting things into place that would reap great rewards in the future rather than small quick cash generating tasks

The day it clicked for me was when I realized I was still doing the same thing I was doing 5 years previously and still earning about the same as I was back then

This is when I made the change and focused on scaling my company’s delegating jobs and focusing on the next 5 years of growth rather than the present moment

Investing heavily in my personal development to break those habits I had been a custom to

Reading books daily keeping fit and planning

Setting tasks setting goals

And focusing on cash-generating tasks instead of the day to day tasks we all do just to think that we are busy

I’m sure you can all relate to this

I rapidly expanded and took on many more clients, started rapidly scaling up my property portfolio as well as my network I was reinvesting and refinancing my current assets to secure my future growth

This has changed my future and my mindset for the better and in today’s current climate This is something we all need to go to survive

I thought I would share this with you guys to hopefully give one or two of you the drive to check yourself to see if this is you and to inspire you to make the change

Quick recap

Are you working on the day to day tasks that anyone could do?

Ask yourself these questions

Are you working on the growth and expansion of your company?

Have you set tasks and targets for the next five years?

Are you reinvesting and learning new skills daily?

Keeping fit and focusing on a positive mindset?

Surrounding yourself with positive thinking successful people

This is how you will tell the difference from both

Remember guys take action and make things happen

We also have one more slot left on our gold mentorship package so if you’re looking to change your life in 2021 start your year with a bang and secure your financial future

Get in touch today



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